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Harvard Business Review
Climate Change: Too Many Visionaries, Too Few Grunts
Where's the Green in Green Business? 
Are Your Green Priorities Right?
Energy Credit Buyers Beware 
Reputation: When Being Green Backfires
LA Times
Cigarettes' Lessons for Climate Change
Shift Gears in Drive Against SUV Owners
Climate and the Olympics
Finding Unity in Fire
Denver Post 
Maybe Mayberry Can Help Us Solve Climate Change
We Don't Need to Drill it All
Joy: The First Casualty of Climate Change
Trump's Climate Tragedy 
The Big Green Lie: The Hope and the Hype
Climate Revelations: An atheist concludes that he can't talk about climate without talking about God
On the Future of Skiing: Interview
The Cold Revolution
Yale/MIT Journal of Industrial Ecology 
Priming the Pump for Emissions Reductions
Applying the Principles of Industrial Ecology to the Guest Service Sector
Science Based Targets: A Distraction 
MIT/Sloan Management Review
The Factor Environmental Ratings Miss
High Country News                                      
Great Hope, Great Fear 
A Lifetime of Service on the North Dakota Plains
Jtames Hansen: When a Scientists Becomes an Activist
How I Tried to Patch Together a Disintegrating World
We Need a Shoe to Drop on Climate Change
Entrepreneurship as Climate Fix
Writing About Life, Family and the Outdoors
 Kids Baseball and the Wider World                             Baltimore Sun: Journeys We Take At Home
Rock and Ice: Dreamweaver                                       Deep Space: On Parenting a Teenage Girl 
High Country News: Floating Pat Ghosts on the Green River
High Country News: Childhood's End