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"Schendler frames his environmentally sound arguments in practical terms every business executive, home owner, and government official can relate to." —Kirkus Review
"Getting Green Done" is a valuable tonic against the sophistry that saving the planet is as easy as a beach stroll." — Rich Barlow, The Boston Globe
If sustainability were quick and easy—as many consultants suggest—we'd have done it by now.  Everyone's talking green, but global carbon dioxide emissions are climbing, and climate scientists tell us we have under a decade to solve the problem. We need fewer visionaries, and more grunts. It's time to make stuff happen. Auden Schendler, a sustainability foot soldier with 25 years in the trenches, shows the way in this witty, human and contrarian book. Brutally honest and hopeful, Getting Green Done is the first sustainable business book to offer a peek under the hood of the "green" movement, showing what it means to implement climate solutions in the real world. You'll learn that sustainability is more like trench warfare than surgery—and that we're going to have to do a lot better than we've done if we hope to solve climate change.

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A "must read book." 
—Joe Romm, climateprogress.org
Available in paperback with a new preface, and in Chinese.